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Wetlands Services


Wetlands and surface waters (streams and lakes) are regulated by state and federal laws requiring the determination of the boundaries of a wetland before a land purchase or development project takes place. EnviroSure provides accurate, reliable, and timely delineation of wetlands through accepted three parameter (soil, plants, and water) delineations manuals, as well as, up-to-date changes in regulatory jurisdiction. Once full delineation has been completed, EnviroSure's staff will review the delineation with our clients and provide assistance and analysis in regards to their needs and/or plans for the property.


EnviroSure offers services for obtaining permits for wetlands and other protected waterways to allow for potential use and development by our clients. EnviroSure's staff are knowledgeable of federal and state regulations and are aware and ready to advise when new regulatory changes are introduced. Permits that can be obtained by our staff include:


EnviroSure's wetlands mitigation work focuses on the restoration of former wetlands, as well as the enhancement and preservation of existing wetlands for both compliance with regulations and laws, as well as for the purposes of mitigation banking. EnviroSure's staff works with all clients to ensure that they remain within compliance and to assist with the buying and selling/transfer of wetland mitigation credits. EnviroSure will negotiate with buyers and sellers of mitigation credits as well as regulatory authorities to ensure that fair value is received for such mitigation efforts.