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Asbestos Services
Vocational High School, National Historic Landmark

Asbestos Services at Vocational High School, National Historic Landmark

Hallway before extensive abatement, renovation, and reconstruction of the Historic Landmark high school.
Wilmington, Delaware

Asbestos Inspection

Project Design

Abetment Air Monitoring

Clearance Air Sampling


EnviroSure/ETI was retained by a vocational school district in Delaware to provide AHERA trained Inspectors, Project Designers, and Project Monitors to perform detailed building inspections, design complex abatement plans, and to perform project oversight and monitoring/clearance for the 3-year, $64 million renovation of the National Historic high school building.

Coordinating with building architects, State regulators, and construction engineering firms, EnviroSure/ETI conducted the initial inspections to identify the location and condition of asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) throughout the building's interior and exterior. This involved detailed, on-site fieldwork, through all ages of the building's construction, to help determine the abatement, demolition, and construction schedule of the entire renovation and restoration project.

Utilizing these detailed asbestos inspection reports and demolition plans, a detailed abatement scope of work was developed to remove ACBM in sections of school, while construction and renovation was happening concurrently in other areas of the building.

The project design provided the locations of asbestos material, project conditions, and specifications to detail the general methods required for removal and disposal of asbestos, in order to meet the time-sensitive and aggressive renovation schedule. EnviroSure/ETI prepared and coordinated the bidding documents for the school district and abatement contractors who performed the abatement work.

The asbestos abatement and clearance activities were conducted in an effective, phased approach. Once the removal of ACBM was complete, EnviroSure/ETI performed final visual inspections with final air clearances of abatement areas. This phased approach was critical to meet the district’s schedule, and to help transform, modernize, and revitalize the historic educational building.

EnviroSure/ETI continues to serve the school district by conducting asbestos periodic surveillance surveys and 3-year re-inspections as required federally by AHERA.