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Industrial Compliance & Permitting

EnviroSure's Industrial Compliance & Permitting department specializes in all aspects of compliance, safety, audits, and NPDES permits. Our team of professionals provide services to maximize productivity and safety while ensuring that our clients are current with Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requirements.

Safety Audits

The goal of our safety audits is to establish an industrial hygiene program to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control, chemical, physical and ergonomic factors or stresses arising from the workplace which may cause sickness or impaired health among workers. By conducting safety audits and implementing recommendations, EnviroSure helps businesses reduce the likelihood of at work accidents and safety violations. EnviroSure travels to your facility and conducts comprehensive assessments of existing conditions. We summarize findings in a detailed report with recommendations.

Our staff includes dedicated occupational safety and health professionals with extensive experience ensuring regulatory compliance and best practices in the chemical and manufacturing industry. If you have existing OSHA violations, EnviroSure's industrial team is ready to quickly respond with solutions.

Program Training

EnviroSure tailors health and safety program training specifically for the operations of each facility. EnviroSure provides training directly, or can train managers to train employees. The development of training programs include conducting hazard assessments, determining gap analysis; then creating written programs, developing and conducting training, and performing audits. Examples of training programs offered by EnviroSure are: hazard communication, hearing conservation, personal protective equipment.

Selecting EnviroSure to conduct your firm's corporate health and safety program is ideal. Our staff of professionals will custom tailor a health and safety program to our clients' specific needs while ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Standards are constantly updated making it difficult for some facilities to remain compliant. Our program training provides management with training to pass down to their employees, or we can provide company wide training to each employee.

NPDES permits

EnviroSure assists clients with preparation of National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) applications for individual and general permits to discharge industrial wastewater. Ongoing groundwater sampling programs are maintained by EnviroSure for compliance with existing NPDES permits. EnviroSure also helps clients quickly respond to notices of violation. Call today and we can conduct a free evaluation to help you determine if an NPDES permit is required based on industrial operations on your site.